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Same like we work for personal development, we study and learn skills for better job. What are the steps and way out to become rich and how to solve this enigma of becoming rich early?

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There are different perspectives on how to become rich but all such route goes through luck, and it is said that, luck is by chance.

As i read books and listened many videos of successful people, to become rich is all about the poor and rich mindset. The mentality lead us towards success and failure

Like these are six rules of money or you can say science of getting rich.

1. Poor mindset waste much time to save money but rich mindset consume extra money to save his time and use that time to earn more money..

2. Poor mindset always work to get more and more information about money and wealth but rich mindset is action oriented and always take instant actions after learning something as little as desired to take action..

3. Poor always think about how will do something by himself and don't trust anyone but rich mindset always think about who will do that better than him and believe in team work..

4. Rich mindset always have great thinking and work or character building which is integral part to become successful while poor mindset are labor minded and forget their potential

5. Rich mindset is always obsessive and grab all the knowledge about his work and businesses to stay one step ahead while poor mindset don't anticipate..

6. Rich mindset think creatively to differentiate themselves and avoid competition like apple and uber business did, while poor mindset try to compete and always think this way, which make him step behind.

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