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More or less every blogger try to optimized his content to rank higher on google. But sometimes, few things are irrelevant to consider but we may be focusing on that and gone vogue. What are Google's John Muller share SEO Insights to consider for Digital Marketing right?

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Google's John Mueller recently gone public and detailed about SEO and Ranking Factors of Google Algorithm and busted many myths on the Internet. You will shocked what was important which you forgot and what was insignificant which we considered the most in SEO. 

Here is the list of 57 SEO Insights explained by Google John Mueller:-

  •  Keywords In The Domain Name Do Not Impact Rankings
  •  Same Content In Different Formats Is Not Duplicate
  •  Embedded Videos Have Same Value As Uploaded Videos
  •  Google Indexes Mobile Versions Of Pages By Default
  •  Core Web Vitals Ranking Factor Gets Calculated Slowly
  •  Keyword-Rich Meta Titles Not Against Google’s Guidelines
  •  Google My Business Is Essential For Local Search Rankings
  •  Nofollow Links In Guest Posts
  •  Build Links With “Digital PR”
  • Nofollow Links In Guest Posts
  • Google Doesn’t Index All Pages
  •  Presentation Can Impact Rankings
  •  Syndication Can Impact Rankings
  •  Heading Tags Are A Strong Signal
  •  Put Unique Content Above The Fold
  •  Images Instead Of HTML For Charts
  •  Google Doesn’t Understand Sarcasm
  •  Word Count is Not a Ranking Factor
  •  Anchor Text Should Provide Context
  •  No Benefit To A Flat URL Structure
  •   Sometimes There’s No SEO Solution
  •  Quantity Of Backlinks Doesn’t Matter. A one related backlink pointing to your site is important to google than millions of unrelated backlinks
  •  CCTLD Not Required For Geotargeting
  •  No Technical Fix For Quality Issues
  •  Perfect Time For An SEO Side Hustle
  •  Core Updates Impact Google Discover
  •  Changing Dates Won’t Improve Rankings because changing publishing dates and time of post does not mean that google rank it higher. 
  •  Product Price Is Not A Ranking Factor
  •  Don’t Rely On Google Discover Traffic
  •  Low Traffic Does Not Mean Low Quality
  •  Traffic Doesn’t Impact Core Web Vitals
  •  Spelling And Grammar Are High Priority
  •  Google Prefers JSON-LD Structured Data
  •  Google Doesn’t Have 200+ Ranking Factors said john Mueller that this number is misleading like we have a spreadsheet but that's not the case. 
  •  Most Content Gets Indexed Within A Week
  •  Customer Reviews Are Not A Ranking Factor
  •  Might Take A Month To See Ranking Changes
  •  Core Web Vitals Is More Than A Tiebreaker
  •  Keep URLs The Same When Revamping A Site
  •  Removing Blog Comments May Impact Rankings
  •  Multiple H1 Tags On The Same Page Is Fine
  •  Long Anchor Text Gives Google More Context
  •  There’s No Single Deciding Factor In Search
  •  There Is No “Sandbox” Or “Honeymoon” Period
  •  Make The Focus Keyword As Visible As Possible
  •  Too Many Internal Links Can Lower Their Value
  •  Some Types Of Schema Markup Can’t Be Combined
  •  Structured Data Is An “Extremely Light” Signal
  •  Original Page Titles Are Still Used For Rankings
  •  Duplicate Content Is Not A Negative Ranking Factor if it offers value to the reader. 
  •  Lots Of Affiliate Links OK If Content Is Valuable
  •  URL Length Is A Light Signal For Canonicalization
  •  Mobile And Desktop Rankings Are Contextually Personalized

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