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Please share your list of best URL Shortener services for digital marketing based on your own experience.

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First we need to understand What is a URL Shortener and how it works then we can decide which one is best url shortener service?

URL shortening is a method to rename the main URL to a short URL so that it becomes very short that may be easily shareable on social media, other websites, and apps, and when clicked it directs to the main URL which was shortened. Let’s take an example see the below long URL:


First, dial the above link in your browser and see the page, then open the below shortener URL, it will direct you to the same page as mentioned above.


There are plenty of free URL shortener services or link shorteners services you can use but these 20 URLs shorteners given below are the best and professional link shortening services with free and paid plans for your business growth and to track your marketing efforts.

A time ago google started the URL shortener service free to everybody and it was called Google URL Shortener, but unfortunately, google closed the URL shortener program for the public and converted it into Firebase dynamic links.

Here is the list of the best free URL shortener that I have found in 2021.

1. Linkif.org | Free Custom URL Shortener

There are many Free URL shorteners in the market, but we found Linkif one of the top Free URL Shortener, that’s why we place it at the top of our list. Advanced free link shortener service absolutely for free having all features of today’s latest premium URL Shorteners in the Market. You can create your custom short URLs, set your link expiration, protect with passwords and create a description of each URL. Like many other features Linkii.org have the following features for free;

    Premium Features For Free

    Free Unlimited URLs allowed

    Free Unlimited Clicks per month

    Free Unlimited Custom Splash Pages

    Free Unlimited Custom Overlay Pages

    Free Unlimited Event Tracking

    Free Unlimited Team Member

    Free Unlimited Custom Domains

    Free Geotargeting

    Free Device Targeting

    Free Pixel Tracking

    Free Custom Aliases

    Free Export Data

    Free Developer API

    Free URL Customization

    No Advertisements

2. Tinycc | $5-$49 Per Month

Tinycc is another amazing tool for simple and shareable short URLs. It helps you make URL reports and make you install SSL for your shortener custom domains, but it is costly as it charges $5 to $49 per month which sucks.

3. Clkim | $10-$100 Per Month

A tricky helpful tool to make your URLs short for more clicks. It has a localization geo-targeting feature to use to target your audience with your Short URLs.

4. Bitly | Free + Premium Plans

Bitly is a powerful tool to short URLs and create campaigns and monitor your real-time growth. Bitly provides link management tools and enables you to protect your brands with short URLs. This is a perfect tool but it has premium plans which suck money, especially for fresh marketers.

5. Adf.ly | Free

Adfly is not just a URL shortener, it’s also a money-making machine for you. You can short your links and when someone clicks on those links you will get paid by Adfly. You can freely register for an account, start shrinking URLs, and get paid for every person who visits your URLs.

6. Short.io | Free + Premium Plans

You can create short URLs with personalized and custom trackings and share them as your branded URLs with Short.io custom URL shortener

7. Linkly | Free + Premium Plans

It has many great features like retargeting links with custom redirects and custom URLs. You can create simple and beautiful tracking links. you can import data from Linkly into google sheets. Having 2000 clicks you can create and track URLs per month.

8. Clickmeter | $29-$349 Per Month

With Clickmeter URL shortener you can target your visitors where they yield the best conversion rates, track views, clicks, and conversions, monitor broken links, click fraud, latency, and blacklists and share with clients, partners, and coworkers. This is an amazing URL shortener in the market but it is very costly.

9. Pixelme | $24-$249 Per Month

Pixelme URL shortener allows you to retarget your visitors on third-party websites like Amazon, Youtube, Spotify, or Kickstarter. PixelMe is a URL shortener that embeds retargeting pixels into shortened links. Create your advertising campaigns with PixelMe short links and retarget anyone who clicked on your URLs.

10. BLink | Free + Premium Plans

The is no collaboration, compliance, and creativity more than Blink Shortener. You can do brand, track every engagement, safeguard your data, and create confidence in every click of your short URL.

11. Cutt.ly | Free

Cuttly has the best features of URL shortener today due to its great team link manager, link analytics, pixel URL shortener, unique redirect analytics, link rotator, and many other features.

12. SmartURL | Free + Premium Plans

SmartURL shortener is another best free URL shortener. With SmartURL link shortener you can define your URL with custom aliases. Here you can also set country destination and device targetings etc.

13. Soo.gd | Free

Another free URL shortener with a very simple user interface one-pager URL shortener. It allows multiple URL shortening services free of cost.

14. Url Shortener | Free

Very good URL shortener in the market but unlike other link shorteners, it works as a chrome extension. Features include:

    Easily shorten any link

    Set link expiration by date or clicks

    Add your own API key

    Use your own custom domain name with the Rebrandly API

    Automatically copies URL to clipboard

    Right-click to shorten URL and copy to clipboard

15. TinyURL | Free

Nice URL Shortener which is free, some features are paid. You can easily shorten your long URL for posting anywhere it has all the features which any paid link shortener has.

16. T2mio | $5-$89 Per Month

Text to marketing is a creation of a Canadian corporation. You can transform lengthy URLs into short branded URLs and track everything with the link that happens. This is an amazing tool to use in your marketing campaigns.

17. Tiny.ie | $19-$99 Per Month

Tiny.ie URL shortener provides all the features which you can turn your ugly URLs into short branded URLs and analyze every link with A/B testing, pixel tracking, and much more.

18. Shorturl | Free

Another best free URL shortener. It is a very simple and nice URL shortener. You can short your links which are easily rememberable to anyone.

19. Bit.do | Free

Short and personalize your short link with real-time statistics for your business and marketing effort trackings.

20. Yourls | Free

Another outstanding open-source best free URL shortener that can make your own for all of your stuff to do at your own server.

21. Musicjet | Free + Premium Plans

Create your smart URLs for your music, tickets, merchandise, and socials with unique smart pages and links and get detailed insights into your fan behavior.

22. IS.GD | Free

Very nice simple and customizable URL shortener that is free of cost.

23. Rebrandly | Free + Premium Plans

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