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I want to know how youtube algorithm works so that i can beat youtube algorithm and rank my videos higher

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There are multiple factors based on which YouTube algorithm works, before we get into it. Lets see its historic versions

In 2012. Youtube algorithm ranked videos based on views

In 2015. Youtube algorithm ranked vidoes based its total watch time

Now in 2021. Youtube algorithm is ranking videos based you user satisfaction

Meanwhile, the main goal of youtube is to show the content actually user want to watch and to keep user engaged long time within youtube.

So, the top ranking factor in youtube is viewer satisfaction. YouTube has different ranking factors based on different sections as under:

  • Homepage
  • Suggestions
  • Direct Search

Now let me tell you how youtube measures users/viewers satisfaction level. There are mainly two factors considered the most in viewer satisfaction at homepage section

1. Performance

YouTube analyze how a user view and consume video when they saw it on their homepage including CTR (Click-through rates) and Average view duration of videos

2. Personalization

The main factor in suggestion section of youtube is to check and display what content often being watched together and what content watched earlier and what topic is related to the content being watched.

YouTube also sync a users' watchtime history as well as how often a user interact with a specific channel and a videos.

Consistency is also a factor in YouTube algorithm. When a content creator do not upload a video in a six month, then youtube remove that channel from its partner program. So to sustain a viewers interests and increase your channel watch time you need to upload videos at least in a week or two so that youtube gets signal that this channel is constantly active. It also helps in ranking videos on top of youtube.

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- In this answler we're going to learn how to get more views on YouTube from YouTube themselves. Pretty simple, right? So YouTube just released some of the secrets to the algorithm. And that's what I want to talk about here. Now, Harvard did this was through two sources of information, a fairly hefty blog they published on their YouTube creator blog website, and also through a video on the creator insider YouTube channel.

I would definitely say that the blog posts lean more towards the viewer's perspective while a video is definitely for the creators benefit and having gone through both the blog posts and the video in depth, I would say that these are the three principle learnings I've taken from them. And I highly recommend you stick around until the end, because that final point is by far the most important one, even if you wish it wasn't and we'll start off with something very simple. The key behind the success of many platforms, YouTube has been learning from its mistakes for the last 15 years and they kind of lay this out in a timeline on the blog post. As an example of one of the radical ways that YouTube has changed over time, it used to be the YouTube would just recommend more of the same content. If you enjoyed watching cooking videos, then your homepage will be plastered with nothing but cooking videos and how frustrating would that be? (knife chopping) Apparently quite a lot, because not many views came from home browse suggested, those types of areas. In truth in the early days, most views on YouTube came from search or from links outside of a platform, but today of course, that is very, very different. The view and experience comes from the viewer itself and personalized information. That's how YouTube was able to recommend the right content to the right viewer. Not necessarily for the creators benefit. Now, of course, this all sounds very, very complicated. Doesn't it? Almost as if YouTube relies on human psychology, how can any algorithm achieve this? Well, here's the thing. And I've been saying this now for, oh, I'd say, well over a year, at this point, if you treat YouTube like an algorithm, then YouTube is going to treat you the creator almost as a program, perhaps even a hacker, something intense on trying to break the system down and find vulnerabilities and let's face it, those two artificial systems are not going to work together, it is much more organic, more human in nature. YouTubers now collected trillions of pieces of information over its existence to the point now where it can reliably predict what I or you or they are going to watch more so than I, you or they think they know what they want to watch. YouTube themselves explain it like so: "If you like tennis videos and our assistant notices that others who like the same tennis videos also enjoy jazz videos, you may be recommended jazz videos, even if you've never watched a single one before." Now, I'm going to be honest with you and say, I find that a little far-fetched, but hey, I don't watch tennis and jazz together, but what I do watch together is tech and wrestling and they're probably tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of more viewers who have similar interests, so when I watch a video about the iPhone 13 from MKBHD, then it suggests a wrestling video about summer slam 89 from Wrestling Bios. Maybe a similar viewer to me watching similar videos will get the same recommendations. Now that's how YouTube would like the system to work in a perfect world, but what they understand is that not every viewer wants to share all of their personalized information and watching habits with the platform and that is why they've built in controls to allow you to say to YouTube how much you want to share with them. If you limit your controls, it might mean that you get more of a vanilla viewing experience, but hey, at least it keeps you on the platform
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For a new videos uploaded on youtube. YouTube shows a new video to 100 people in homepage, suggested content and direct search

if it gets 50 Clicks then it shows to 1000 more people.

if it gets 10 clicks then it shows to 200 people

if it gets less then 10 clicks on 100 impressions then youtube auto start ignoring it as not best for viewers.

Check analytics of top ten youtubers like MrBeast, when he uploads videos his videos gets around 10 million views due to his 50 Million subscribers but due to more than 50% CTR he gets around 50 million views on each of his videos.

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