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There are tons of online tools that offers one click audit of our website or mobile app or any webpage. But i want to know do these worth in terms of google SEO ranking factors and how can we improve SEO Audit for higher rankings of content on google and other search engines, especially when a developer is making a blog or content website?

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I liked you question. infact meaningful SEO audit brings results when we find flaws and then correct it. There are not such a great content on this topic, everyone was talking based on his own experience or just a talkative unless Google's Martin Splitt given suggestions on how to improve SEO audits such that is helpful to developers. Here a extract of a video of Martin Splitt.

Meaningless PDF Reports. 

Means SEO Audit pdf reports are basically not corresponding to the website objectives. Martin Splitt explained his own working experience as developer as:

[“I remember being a developer. I had so many different things on my plate already and then, out of the blue, in the middle of a sprint, someone from the SEO department descended upon me and said: ‘Martin, here is a PDF with all the things that are wrong. Bye!’. And then they flew off and I’m like — uh okay it says we are using JavaScript, which is very accurate because what we are actually building right now is a VR application that runs on your phone in the browser. You will have to use JavaScript to do that. So the recommendation is to not use JavaScript, but that’s not really a thing we can do because then we don’t have VR capabilities. And because then that’s our product we kind of have to build our product to have our product with the technologies that enable the features of our product. A lot of these things are so unhelpful and so not reflective of the circumstances that I, as a developer, work in.]

He goes, we can improve seo audits by delivering what a website want to be analyzed. Means by making better communication to developers and stackholders

[“Usually we start with stakeholders… we talk to the stakeholders, we hop on a call before creating any offers or anything. We hop on a call and talk about what’s the KPI, what’s the problem, what are the challenges, why are we even doing that. Why is this so important? Why do you want to fix that? Because if traffic is the only metric we still will work with them, but we know how this might go. So we’re going to start with that.”]

He goes, not just being SEO expert but also being a developer, we just understand the goals of a customer website, then proceed further

[“Then, after the call, we look into their website and we create a statement of work. So we tell them — OK this is what we’re going to do. This is the list of problems we’re seeing with your website, this is how we want to fix it. Prioritize, so the first month we solve all of the most terrible aspects like internal 404s or, I don’t know, 10 seconds to load the page, whatever. And with that it’s extremely transparent because we tell them this project is going to take four months, we’re going to hop into a PM (project manager) like Jira or Trello with your dev team, and we’re going to make it happen.”]

There are multiple ways to improve audit but What Martin Splitt reported is crucial. If you implement it that will help your improve your SEO audit.

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