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When it comes to budgeting, there are two different mindsets. One makes you rich and the other makes you poor. Which mindset do you have?
When it comes to financial freedom, the worst strategy is to save your money. Saving is a losing strategy. It’s important to remember that cash is just simply a currency; in order for it to bring value, it must move into something. If it stops moving, it dies. Just like an electrical current.
Why does it die? The easy explanation is since interest rates are lower than inflation, every moment your money is in savings it is losing value.
For that reason, saving money means you’re not growing your money at all. In fact, there's a strong chance your money will lose value as inflation outpaces your gains.

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Budgeting techniques are the best practices which helps achieve our desired results alongside balance of expenses and receipts. Budgeting techniques solely depends on your goals, however best budgeting helps reach your goals while playing safe, so that you can pay off your debts if any and create savings for future projects or sudden hardships. 

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