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In the book rich dad poor dad, it all talked about money as everyone do. I tried to read and understand the concept of this book but failed to grab the essence of the book. Anybody will explain the book summary or main focus of the book which can be helpful in life?

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I also tried to read and learn the concepts of the book rich dad poor dad but due to less time and focus i was unable to complete reading of the book. Thereafter, i found a speech of Mr. Robert Kiyosaki, that i think is the essence of his own book.

Here i am sharing if it helps you.

I asked the teacher i said you know i'm in my third year of calculus now i said am i ever going to use this stuff he goes "No".

My Phd daddy says what do you think i am made of money i can't afford that and my rich dad would say that's why he's poor.

My father was the head of education phd all that stuff i go home and ask him i said why don't we learn about money in school and he looked at me and says because the government doesn't let us teach that subject government tells us what we can teach and what we can't teach.

I thought that was strange and i said but aren't we going to school to learn about money he goes "No".

Your job is to get a job i said but you get a job to earn money he goes no you're supposed to get a job i'm like no no no no no isn't the purpose of a job to earn money he goes you're correct i said so why don't i just learn about money i can skip the job part you know and he got flustered and he said look why don't you ask your best friend's father about money i said why that's mike so i asked him he says because mike's father is an entrepreneur and i said what am i what are you he says i'm an employee i'm a government employee i said, oh! what's the difference.

He said the difference is, an entrepreneur must know about money or that they're no longer entrepreneurs and it says an employee doesn't have to know anything about money because the government will take care of the company will take care of them some kid i'm all confused but i took my dad's advice and i trundled over to mike's father's office and knocked on his door and i said hey i'm here nine years old teach me about money he says beat it kid you know but that's what the story of which ted poor dad started and finally through persistence my rich dad started teaching me about money on one condition and that condition was he would never pay me he says the moment i pay you you think like an employee he says that's the trap entrepreneurs work for free and now i'm nine years old my head's going cracking in half he says you never want a paycheck you understand that kid said okay i got it and he said well how do i make money he says that's what entrepreneurs figure out it's like so how do i learn about money so he would just break out a monopoly game board so i would work for free and pick up cigarette butts and get hotels and restaurants and i would clean and do menial tasks and as i got older i started getting into office work and marketing and accounting and i was an apprentice basically but i always work for free and he would teach me about money but the way he taught me about money was playing monopoly and that's finally one day i got upset i said well when are you going to teach me about money he says what do you think we're doing we're playing monopoly he goes no no no what do you think we're doing we're playing monopolies what do you think we're doing because i don't know i'm teaching about money and then that's why you know you have one green house you know he says there's many formulas for great success and money there's thousands of them but one of the best ones founded on the game of monopoly still is today four greenhouses one red hotel said what he says one of the greatest ways to acquire great wealth is playing monopoly in real life four greenhouses one red hotel but is that all there is he goes that's it and he says what do you think i'm doing and i went i don't know so then he took me out he showed me his greenhouses and 10 years later when i was 19 i was now in school in new york and i come back to hawaii and rich dad had bought the biggest piece of land smack dab in the middle of waikiki beach and when you go to waikiki beach today you'll see the hyatt regency hotel that was his hotel just like the game of monopoly just like the game of monopoly acquired assets and they became bigger assets he just kept a it was called an assemblage because that property wasn't that big at that time so he had to buy out all the small guys because wanker key was a little dirt about a little town so he'd buy out this shop owner by that shop owner and it took him a while but he finally assembled this large piece of property and then he then he and hyatt put up this giant hotel you know i just and it just sold for 800 million dollars

You know i have bad luck too i've i've had financial crashes i've had people stab me in the back but they're all good because i grow from it that's spirituality you know people who are afraid of making mistakes like they teach in school they don't ever grow because spirituality is there's good and there's bad there's right and there's wrong there's up and there's down most people only want to be right i only want to be positive well you can't have that that's not reality well i wasn't poor by most people's standards but i came from a family with a poor attitude if you know what i mean because rich poor middle-class poverty starts with a fundamental attitude he says poverty is passed on it's taught in your families and middle class is taught in families and so the people right now who are sitting at home who are struggling financially or worried about money or unhappy they may be making a lot of money but unhappy with what they're doing it was probably taught to you you know your super ego was taught get a job work hard or or you'll never be rich or the rich or evil or whatever because the school system will never teach you about money the school system is designed to teach you to be an employee which is important or a doctor or a lawyer a specialist but never about money and what most people lack is real business knowledge like accounting you know like debt like taxes you gotta know that stuff but they don't teach it in school to anybody so and then when people ask me how did your rich dad learn this when your poor dad a page they didn't and the answer is very simply my rich dad was like my best friend's father his father died when he was 13. so his rich dad had this family business at 13 to run so he had to drop out of school which was his blessing you know those blessings and you know sometimes the blessing doesn't look like a blessing but it turned out to be a blessing and then his teachers became his bookkeeper his accountant his attorney his bankers his real estate agents so he has what i call real teachers not these fake teachers in school you see most teachers in school they're out of ethics they teach subjects they don't they themselves don't practice i asked the teacher i said you know i'm in my third year of calculus now it was called strength of materials i said am i ever going to use this stuff he goes no you know said why do you teach it because i get paid he said do you ever use it he goes no and that's why you know i you have to in life one of the things i suggest to people you got to find a real teacher versus a fake teacher and a fake teacher is somebody doesn't do what they teach and a real teacher is doing what they teach every day so my accountants my attorneys they're in it every single day that's how i learn because every day i'm solving problems in my business so i have i have accountants and attorneys and bankers and all these people on speed dial because i'm i'm solving problems with my team i see you giving this knowledge out and yeah do the rich people cringe and say don't tell them that yes yes yes don't tell people what they let you know keep them poor but you know unfortunately the poor as was in the bible i'm not real religious the poor will always be amongst us because it starts up here right it's that fear mentality it's it's in their words you know and the words become flesh but when they say i can't afford it or i can't do that they go down they become what they say.

My phd daddy says what do you think i am made of money i can't afford that and my rich dad would say that's why he's poor poor people say i can't afford it i can't do that i don't have time because it's an escape it's an escape you know i mean it's easy as i can't afford and your rich dad used to say what instead of i can't afford it how can i afford it how can i do that you know what would it take or why should i do that he says that a question opens a mind a statement closes the mind see when you say i can't afford it your mind shuts down they become what you say.

Robert if i could give you uh some kind of a magic phone and you could make a call to the 20 year old Robert Kiyosaki and give that young man a bit of advice what would you tell him i would just say keep going just do what you have to do just you know live it to the fullest life of you 

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