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Highest Paid CPC Keywords of Attorney in USA and Canada 2021

Written by John Harry
· 19 min read >

Their is a lot including litigation in USA and Canada for which every 1 out of 5 of person needs a lawyer whether its related to accident lawyer or personal injury lawyers which most people of USA and Canada are searching on google. on the other hand attorneys and lawyers are also running advertisement campaigns to gain those customers and paying high cost per click to google AdSense and other ad networks.

Here comes the opportunity for bloggers and internet entrepreneurs who use google AdSense monetization method to earn extra money from their blog and websites etc. You can earn 10 times more money with your same traffic to your blog or website if you can target these highest paid CPC  keywords related to attorney in the USA and Canada.

Below is the list of Highest Paid Google AdSense Keywords of Attorney especially in the US and Canada to make you extra money with the same content, website traffic and user engagement.

KeywordAvg. monthly searchesCPC $ [Cost-Per-Click]
18 Wheeler Accident Attorney Near Me500675
Mesothelioma Attorney5000593.26
Motorcycle Accident Attorney Near Me5000520.28
Semi Truck Accident Attorney5000520
Collision Attorney Near Me50519.72
Accident Attorney50000515
Motorcycle Accident Attorney50000500
Motorcycle Attorneys Near Me500487.69
Accident Injury Attorney Near Me50000467.2
Best Accident Attorney Near Me5000450
Pedestrian Accident Attorney50000444.29
Auto Attorney Near Me50000413.72
Automobile Accident Attorney Near Me5000400
Slip And Fall Attorney50400
Pip Attorneys Near Me50400
Serious Injury Attorney500390
Best Auto Injury Attorney Near Me500383.25
Wrongful Death Attorney500375
Auto Defect Attorney Near Me50365.15
Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney5000350
Attorneys Near Me Personal Injury5000349.15
Bicycle Accident Attorney500340
Cerebral Palsy Attorney5000330.03
Asbestos Attorney50322.97
Asbestos Attorney Near Me500317.39
Auto Attorney5000315
Motor Vehicle Attorney Near Me50315
Attorney Personal Injury Near Me5000307.48
Maritime Attorney500305.07
Medical Injury Attorney Near Me500301.9
Maritime Attorney Near Me5000300
Legal Attorney5000300
Black Personal Injury Attorneys Near Me500300
The Hammer Attorney500300
Death Attorney Near Me500300
Workers Compensation Attorney50000293
Dui Attorney5000290.51
Workers Compensation Attorney Near Me5000286.3
Workers Comp Attorney Near Me500278.7
Dwi Attorney500275.15
Best Workers Compensation Attorney Near Me50275
Commercial Trucking Attorneys Near Me50271.98
Dui Defense Attorney500271.45
Criminal Attorney At Law Near Me50270.64
Drunk Driving Attorney5000264.81
Domestic Violence Attorney50000257.42
Defective Product Attorney500256
Best Workers Comp Attorney Near Me50250.03
Aviation Attorney5000250
Personal Attorney50245
Federal Criminal Attorney50236.23
Domestic Violence Defense Attorney Near Me500235.61
Diminished Value Attorney Near Me5000228.3
Irs Attorney500228
Bankruptcy Attorney500225.29
Motor Vehicle Defects Attorney Near Me500219.06
Good Criminal Attorneys Near Me500218.51
Attorney Criminal Defense Near Me500215.11
Best Lemon Law Attorneys Near Me5000210
Snap Violation Attorney Near Me500200
Bankruptcy Attorneys Near My Location500200
Bk Attorney Near Me5000187.1
Attorney For Domestic Violence Near Me50186.73
Irs Attorney Near Me500184.44
Zantac Lawsuit Attorneys Near Me500176.56
Criminal Defence Attorney50173.03
Defence Attorney Near Me50172.99
Drug Defense Attorney5000167.2
Bankruptcy Chapter 7 Attorney Near Me50166.57
Best Domestic Violence Attorney Near Me50164.33
Top Rated Tax Attorneys Near Me500145.48
Judgement Defense Attorney Near Me50143.75
Attorney Near Me Divorce5000142.96
Best Tax Attorney Near Me500142.4
Tax Law Attorney Near Me500138.86
Corporate Tax Attorney Near Me500135
Best Criminal Defense Attorney Near Me50135
Auto Repair Negligence Attorney Near Me50134.73
Foreclosure Attorney50131.94
Car Repossession Attorney Near Me500130
Whistleblower Attorney Near Me500127.12
Limited Scope Attorney Near Me50126.6
Collection Defense Attorney Near Me50125
Bankruptcy Near Me Attorney50123.04
Malpractice Attorney50120.21
African American Criminal Defense Attorney Near Me500119.6
Sean Flynn Attorney50115.92
Attorney For Assault Victim Near Me50000112.7
Pharmaceutical Lawsuit Attorney Near Me500112.5
Top Defense Attorneys Near Me50109.25
Investor Friendly Real Estate Attorney Near Me50000106.83
Real Estate Investment Attorney Near Me500100
Small Business Attorney5000097.12
Erisa Attorney Near Me500095.87
Erisa Attorney500092.12
Zantac Attorney500091.21
Commercial Litigation Attorney5090.52
Auto Fraud Attorney50087.23
Bladder Mesh Lawsuit Attorneys Near Me5086.74
Business Litigation Attorney Near Me50085.65
Juvenile Criminal Defense Attorney Near Me50085
Attorney Law Office Near Me5084.67
Best Divorce Attorney5084.35
Private Attorney Near Me5081
Best Defense Attorney Near Me500080
Administrative Law Attorney Near Me50080
Attorney For Malpractice Near Me5080
Best Criminal Defense Attorney50079.54
Attorney Family Law50078.97
Female Criminal Defense Attorney Near Me5078.78
Tax Appeal Attorney Near Me500078.57
Affordable Criminal Defense Attorney Near Me5077.8
Military Defense Attorney Near Me5075.5
Federal Eeoc Attorney Near Me500075.39
Tax Attorney Cpa Near Me500075
Family Law Attorney500075
Top Medical Malpractice Attorneys50075
Attorneys That Sue Car Dealerships Near Me500071.5
Federal Attorney Near Me500070
Affordable Family Law Attorney50070
Business Law Attorney500069.57
Lawsuit Attorney5069.41
Medical Attorney Near Me500067.41
Auto Fraud Attorney Near Me50066.34
Attorney Near Me500066.24
International Family Law Attorney Near Me50066
Top Rated Family Attorney Near Me50065.43
Theft Attorney Near Me50065.25
Cps Defense Attorney Near Me500065
Aviation Attorney Near Me50064.88
Custody Attorney50064.05
Lawyer Vs Defense Attorney50063.41
Hoa Attorney Near Me5000062.5
Best Hoa Attorney Near Me5061.5
Business Attorney Near Me5060.24
Low Cost Criminal Defense Attorney500060
Best Medical Malpractice Attorney Near Me50058.77
Civil Court Attorney Near Me500058.17
Fraud Attorney Near Me500058
Labor Attorney50057.54
Payroll Attorney Near Me50056.92
Contract Attorney Near Me5056.92
Ask An Attorney500056.44
Federal Attorney500056.34
Dependency Attorney Near Me50055.91
Top Divorce Attorneys Near Me500055.71
Commercial Litigation Attorney Near Me5055.55
Local Attorneys50055.1
Great Divorce Attorney Near Me5000055
24 Hour Attorney Near Me5054.59
Aggressive Family Law Attorney Near Me5054.38
Spanish Speaking Family Law Attorney Near Me5054.36
Car Fraud Attorney Near Me5053.91
Black Business Attorney Near Me5053.77
Probation Violation Attorneys Near Me5053.77
Appellate Attorney5000053.58
Top Family Law Attorneys Near Me5000053.32
Breach Of Contract Attorney Near Me50053.13
Attorney Near Me Civil5052.99
Ssd Attorneys Near Me50052.81
Business Dispute Attorney Near Me5052.71
Healthcare Attorney5052.2
Civil Plaintiff Attorney Near Me5052
Family Law Divorce Attorneys Near Me50051.15
Plaintiff Attorney5050.82
Consumer Attorney Near Me50050.61
Appeal Attorney Near Me5050.4
Transportation Attorney Near Me50050.2
Lawyer V Attorney500050.09
Flat Rate Attorney Near Me5050
Good Attorneys Near Me5050
Probation Attorney Near Me50049.97
Debt Collection Attorney Near Me5049.84
S Corp Attorney Near Me500049.69
Ssi Overpayment Attorney Near Me50049.47
Civil Law Attorney Near Me50049.21
Eeo Attorneys Near Me5049.19
Best Lawsuit Attorney Near Me50049
Wrongful Termination Attorney50048.97
Cps Attorneys Near Me5000048.85
Dealership Fraud Attorney Near Me50048.26
Financial Attorney Near Me5048.2
Civil Case Attorneys Near Me50048
Civil Law Attorney50046.88
Credit Attorney Near Me50046.85
Healthcare Attorney Near Me5046.11
Housing Attorney Near Me500045.99
Workplace Attorney Near Me5000045.98
Contingency Attorneys Near Me50045.76
Shoplifting Attorney Near Me50045.74
Clemency Attorney Near Me5045.2
Fda Compliance Attorney Near Me500045.19
Social Security Attorney50045.11
Asset Protection Attorney Near Me500045
What’S The Difference Between Attorney And A Lawyer500045
Ssa Attorney Near Me50045
Expungement Attorney5045
Best Ssdi Attorney Near Me5045
Living Will And Trust Attorney Near Me5045
Legal Malpractice Attorney Near Me500044.79
Small Claims Attorney Near Me5044.52
Black Criminal Defense Attorney Near Me50044.46
Labor Attorney Near Me500044.38
Best Litigation Attorneys Near Me5000044.06
Asset Attorney Near Me5044.03
Intellectual Property Attorney500043.83
Good Family Attorney Near Me50043.75
Adoption Attorney Near Me5042.84
Is An Attorney Better Than A Lawyer50042.25
Collection Attorney Near Me50041.25
Best Female Divorce Attorney Near Me50041
Commercial Real Estate Attorney50040.78
Estate Attorney Near Me50040.61
Living Trust Attorney5040.4
Best Small Business Attorney Near Me50040.25
Estate Trust Attorney Near Me5040.18
Best Living Trust Attorney Near Me5040.14
Animal Attorney Near Me50040
Probate Law Attorney Near Me50040
Eldercare Attorneys Near Me50040
Animal Law Attorney Near Me50040
Llc Attorney Near Me5039.99
Lawyers And Attorneys Near Me5039.94
Trial Attorney Vs Litigator5039.31
Estate And Trust Attorney Near Me5039.23
Property Attorney Near Me50039.21
Hr Attorney Near Me50039.17
Best Family Law Attorney500038.84
Llc Attorney50038.74
Attorneys For Custody Near Me50038.66
Affordable Civil Attorney Near Me5038.61
Attorney Vs Lawyer Difference50038.58
L&I Attorney Near Me5038.46
Social Security Attorney Near Me50038.3
Elder Attorney5038.24
Estate Planning Attorney Near Me500038.22
Federal Attorney General5038.2
Plastic Surgery Malpractice Attorney Near Me50038.05
Medical Billing Attorney Near Me5037.87
Workplace Harassment Attorneys Near Me50037.37
Discrimination Attorney5037.33
Labor And Employment Law Attorney Near Me50037.25
Black Female Divorce Attorney Near Me5037.22
Franchise Attorney5036.98
Labor And Employment Attorney Near Me50036.86
Is There A Difference Between A Lawyer And An Attorney5036.65
Renters Attorneys Near Me5036.56
Attorney Estate Planning Near Me500036.17
Consumer Fraud Attorney Near Me5036.09
Best Civil Attorneys Near Me500036.05
Right To An Attorney Amendment5036.01
Best Estate Attorney Near Me5035.97
Investment Attorney Near Me5035.86
Father’S Rights Attorneys Near Me5035.77
Wills And Estate Planning Attorney Near Me5035.77
Adoption Attorney5035.62
Living Trust And Will Attorney Near Me5035.52
Surrogate Attorney Near Me5035.14
Constitutional Rights Attorney Near Me500035
Estate And Will Attorneys Near Me5035
Attorneys Near Me For A Will5035
General Law Attorney5035
Class Action Lawsuit Attorneys Near Me5035
Step Parent Adoption Attorney Near Me500034.92
Good Estate Attorney Near Me50034.84
Commercial Real Estate Attorney Near Me5034.49
Parole Attorney Near Me50034.4
Home Attorney Near Me50034.38
What’S The Difference Between A Lawyer And An Attorney50034
Probate And Estate Attorneys Near Me5034
Patton Attorney Near Me50033.99
Attorney For Wrongful Termination Near Me5033.87
Attorney For A Will Near Me50033.86
Employment Law Attorney Near Me500033.83
African American Real Estate Attorney Near Me5033.77
Top Custody Attorneys Near Me5033.74
Attorney Will And Trust Near Me5033.72
Best Labor Attorney Near Me5033.71
Lawyer And Attorney500033.6
Best Trust Attorney Near Me5033.6
Annulment Attorney Near Me50033.49
Real Estate Litigation Attorney Near Me50033.32
Discrimination Attorney Near Me5033.3
Unlawful Detainer Attorney Near Me500033.22
Estate Will Attorneys Near Me50033.21
Attorney For Will And Trust Near Me500033.05
Top Rated Estate Attorneys Near Me500032.75
Federal Appeal Attorneys Near Me50032.72
Pardon Attorneys Near Me5032.61
Black Family Attorney Near Me50032.59
Black Attorneys Near Me500032.52
Dcfs Attorney Near Me50032.41
Renters Rights Attorney Near Me5032.41
Black Divorce Attorney Near Me50032.38
Fmla Attorney Near Me50032.32
Attorney For Wills50032.23
Best Employment Attorney Near Me5032.01
African American Divorce Attorneys Near Me50032
Attorney For Estate Planning Near Me5031.92
Condominium Attorneys Near Me500031.83
The Difference Between Lawyer And Attorney5031.41
Medicaid Planning Attorney Near Me500031.38
Fcra Attorney Near Me50031.31
Workforce Attorney Near Me500031.3
Racial Discrimination Attorneys Near Me5031.25
Judgement Collection Attorney Near Me5031.24
Non Compete Attorneys Near Me5031.23
Best Will Attorneys Near Me5000031.19
Ada Attorney50031.19
General Practice Attorney5000031.1
Landlord Attorney Near Me5030.99
Attorney Vs Lawyer5030.77
Pro Bono Attorneys5030.74
Tenant Law Attorney Near Me50030.68
Aggressive Attorney Near Me5000030.67
Rental Attorney500030.6
Medicaid Attorney50030.34
Property Tax Attorney Near Me500030.18
Best Expungement Attorney Near Me5030.08
Tom Kelly Attorney50030.07
Attorney For Medical Billing Issues Near Me50030.06
L And I Attorney Near Me50030
Employment Discrimination Attorney Near Me50030
501C3 Attorney Near Me5030
Rusty Hardin Attorney5030
Pension Attorneys Near Me50029.93
Civil Rights Attorney5029.91
Sports Attorney Near Me5000029.9
Real Estate Closing Attorney50029.85
Medicaid Attorneys Near Me5029.81
Neighbor Dispute Attorney Near Me5029.81
Female Estate Attorney Near Me500029.78
Mergers And Acquisitions Attorney Near Me50029.77
Municipal Law Attorney Near Me50029.41
Legal Aid Attorney Near Me50029.37
Nonprofit Attorney500029.27
Best Eviction Attorney Near Me5029.27
Dental Malpractice Attorney500029.22
Power Of Attorney Near Me5029.16
Attorney Lookup5029.07
Attorney General Of500028.88
Matt Morgan Attorney500028.85
Class Action Attorneys Near Me50028.81
Small Claims Attorney50028.75
Patient Rights Attorney Near Me50028.49
Types Of Attorneys50028.4
John Kelly Attorney500028.37
Grandparents Rights Attorney Near Me5000028.15
Unemployment Attorney Near Me500028.05
Right To An Attorney500028
Public Attorney5028
Human Rights Attorney5028
Amira Fox State Attorney500027.96
Ken White Attorney5027.94
H1B Attorney Near Me50027.91
Second Amendment Attorneys Near Me50027.7
Mobile Attorney General5027.69
John Getz Attorney5027.69
Us Attorney For The Southern District Of New York5027.62
Attorney General Office Number50027.61
African American Civil Rights Attorneys Near Me5027.61
Entertainment Attorney50027.59
State Of Ohio Attorney General’S Office500027.56
Barr Attorney5027.51
Attorney General Office5027.5
Attorney William Barr500027.49
Garland Attorney General5027.45
New Attorney General500027.43
Civil Rights Attorney Leo Terrell5027.41
Attorney Vs Advocate500027.28
State Attorney General50027.19
The Attorney General5000027.16
Attorney General’S Office Phone Number5000027.08
Conveyancing Attorneys5000027.05
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein5027.02
Attorney General Bill Barr5000027
Doug Jones Attorney General50027
Attorney General Merrick Garland5027
Human Rights Attorney Leigh Dundas50026.96
State Attorney 9Th Judicial Circuit5026.87
Associate Attorney General500026.85
First Attorney General500026.81
List Of Attorney Generals5026.74
Attorney Leigh Dundas5000026.68
Attorney General Xavier Becerra50026.58
Tony West Attorney General500026.46
Hillary Clinton Attorney General50026.45
Attorney General Holder50026.44
George W Bush Attorney General50026.44
Attorney General Becerra5026.42
Attorney General 2020500026.41
Jfk Attorney General50026.38
Attorney General Twitter500026.32
General Flynn Attorney5026.31
Judge Merrick Garland Attorney General50026.26
Attorney General William5026.24
Associate Deputy Attorney General500026.23
Attorney General Address500026.14
Attorney Bill Barr50026.12
Attorney Vs Barrister500026
Elad Gross Attorney General50026
New York Southern District Attorney5026
David Cameron Attorney General5026
Attorney General Mitchell500025.81
Jonathan Weinzapfel Attorney General500025.76
Lbj Attorney General50025.73
Ethiopian Attorney General5025.65
Dennis Ward State Attorney5025.56
Mike Flynn Attorney5025.53
Asst Attorney General50025.37
State Attorney 12Th Judicial Circuit5025.34
Power Of Attorney Solicitor Near Me50025.33
Attorney General Alliance5025.32
List Of State Attorneys General500025.3
Doug Jones For Attorney General5025.3
Kim Foxx State’S Attorney50025.22
Yates Attorney General5025.21
Robert Barr Attorney General50025.13
Special Assistant Attorney General50025.12
Doug Downey Attorney General50025.06
Attorney General Whitaker5025.04
Attorney General Pam Bondi5000025
Attorney General Do500025
Attorney General Nra500025
Interim Attorney General50025
Rob Rubenstein Attorney General50025
Attorney General Supreme Court50025
Aaron Ford Attorney General5025
British Attorney General5025
Additional Attorney General5025
Obama’S Attorney General Held In Contempt5025
Attorney General Panel Counsel5025
Rfk Attorney General50024.9
National Attorney General5024.86
Acting Deputy Attorney General50024.84
My Attorney General500024.82
Difference Between Attorney And Barrister50024.73
Diff Between Lawyer And Attorney50024.7
Semi Truck Accident Attorney Near Me50024.7
What Is The Difference Between Attorney And Advocate5024.7
Difference Between Lawyer Attorney And Advocate5024.67
Difference Between Attorney And A Lawyer5024.57
Attorney Vs Lawyer Vs Prosecutor50024.55
Attorney Lawyer Advocate Difference50024.54
Difference Between And Attorney And A Lawyer5024.49
Are A Lawyer And Attorney The Same Thing50024.47
Lawyer Vs Solicitor Vs Barrister Vs Attorney50024.44
appellate attorney near me50024.42
is attorney and lawyer the same50024.38
estate litigation attorney near me50024.37
lgbt divorce attorney near me5024.37
healthcare attorney50024.35
domestic attorney near me50024.29
civil plaintiff attorney near me5024.24
family law divorce attorneys near me5024.2
social security disability attorney near me500024.19
best attorney near me500024.19
employee rights attorney500024.19
debt negotiation attorney near me50024.19
settlement attorneys near me5024.19
attorney nearby50024.19
probate attorney5000024.15
driving attorney near me5024.13
custody attorney near me500024.12
plaintiff attorney500024.09
consumer attorney near me50024.08
appeal attorney near me50024.07
attorney malpractice lawyers near me5024.07
aggressive divorce attorney near me50024.06
transportation attorney near me5024.05
patent attorney500024
attorneys around me5024
juvenile attorney near me50023.99
trial attorneys near me50023.97
lawyer v attorney50023.96
contract law attorney near me50023.96
animal cruelty defense attorney near me5023.95
flat rate attorney near me5023.74
breach of contract attorney50023.72
good attorneys near me50023.62
probation attorney near me50023.54
debt collection attorney near me50023.5
parental alienation attorney near me5023.44
ssi attorney500023.43
consumer law attorney near me50023.4
family law appeal attorney near me5023.39
banking attorney near me5023.31
s corp attorney near me5023.31
ssi overpayment attorney near me5023.29
attorneys near my location5023.19
harassment attorney50023.16
civil litigation attorney500023.14
civil law attorney near me50023.14
best patent attorney near me50023.12
marriage attorney near me50023.11
are attorneys and lawyers the same thing50023.1
intellectual property attorney near me50023.09
personal debt collection attorney near me50023.02
affordable divorce attorney50023
eeo attorneys near me5023
business formation attorney near me50022.98
corporate attorney near me50022.97
attorney at law5000022.91
fraud attorney500022.89
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debt collection attorney500022.79
consumer advocate attorney near me5022.76
tax and estate attorney near me5022.75
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wrongful termination attorney500022.71
cps attorneys near me50022.7
dealership fraud attorney near me50022.69
sec attorney near me50022.69
financial attorney near me50022.68
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civil lawsuit attorney near me50022.61
attorney v lawyer50022.57
attorneys close to me50022.54
workers rights attorney near me5022.5
civil case attorneys near me50022.49
civil law attorney500022.44
credit attorney near me50022.42
franchise attorney near me50022.42
trust attorney500022.36
dissolution attorney near me50022.35
black attorney near me50022.29
debt settlement attorney50022.28
business attorney for llc near me5022.28
healthcare attorney near me50022.16
real property attorney near me5022.01
credit attorney500022
housing attorney near me50022
collection attorney500022
civil defense attorney near me50022
best men’s divorce attorney near me50022
criminal immigration attorney near me5022
affordable divorce attorney near me50021.99
consumer rights attorney50021.97
debt attorney50021.94
firearms attorney near me50021.9
workplace attorney near me50021.86
probate litigation attorney near me50021.86
best contract attorneys near me50021.81
employment law attorney500021.76
real estate fraud attorney near me5021.73
paternity attorney near me50021.72
contingency attorneys near me50021.7
shoplifting attorney near me50021.69
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veterans attorneys near me50021.64
clemency attorney near me5021.64
property attorney500021.61
public defense attorney50021.6
attorney firms near me5021.52
homeowners attorney near me5021.45
conservatorship attorney near me50021.39
estate wills attorney near me5021.38
fda compliance attorney near me5021.37
men’s divorce attorney near me50021.34
slander attorney near me50021.32
social security attorney500021.26
asset protection attorney near me50021.16
what’s the difference between attorney and a lawyer5021.1
prenup attorney near me50021.09
ssa attorney near me50021.07
expungement attorney500021
securities attorney50021
estate tax attorney near me50021
best ssdi attorney near me5021
living will and trust attorney near me5021
top 10 divorce attorneys near me5021
attorney and lawyer difference500020.99
consumer protection attorney near me50020.99
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probate attorney near me500020.92
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police misconduct attorney500020.9
female family law attorney near me50020.88
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carl douglas attorney50020.79
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va benefits attorney50020.67
civil litigation attorney near me500020.59
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intellectual property attorney500020.52
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ip attorney500020.4
patent law attorney50020.4
top family attorney near me50020.4
good family attorney near me5020.31
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traffic attorney500020.22
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niw attorney500020
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trust attorney near me500020
living trust attorney500020
is an attorney and a lawyer the same thing50020
trust and estates attorney near me50020
affordable probate attorney near me50020
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car dealer fraud attorney near me5020
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legalzoom vs attorney5019.98
small claims court attorney near me50019.95
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animal law attorney near me50019.83
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an attorney50019.41
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llc attorney50019.35
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ss attorneys near me50019.3
social security attorney near me500019.27
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federal employment attorney near me5019.25
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elder attorney500019.2
expungement attorney near me50019.19
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labor and employment attorney50019.13
probate estate attorney near me5019.11
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federal district attorney50019
plastic surgery malpractice attorney near me5019
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workplace harassment attorneys near me50018.99
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