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Highest Paid CPC Keywords of Electricity in USA and Canada 2021

Written by John Harry
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The whole world is active and running on different type of energies. In which name of electricity comes first in terms of need, revenue and business as well. Here at blogging and internet business Electricity is also a highest paid google AdSense keyword.

Below is the list of highest paid CPC keywords of electricity in the USA and Canada.

KeywordAvg. monthly searchesCPC $ [Cost-Per-Click]
renewable resources for electricity5040
renewable electricity sources50031.84
definition of electrician5030
coal renewable500026.29
wind is a renewable resource500024.43
hydro electricity energy50024.23
hydroelectric power station50023.48
wind power cost per kwh50022.91
solar panels convert light energy from sunlight into electrical energy50020.57
electrician definition500020
electrician meaning50020
renewable energy providers5020
who created electricity500019
historical electricity prices per kwh5019
solar power cheaper50017.88
how created electricity50016.69
renewable energy electricity50015.55
cheapest energy source per kwh5015.13
who discovered electricity5000014.66
created electricity50014.46
cheapest way to produce electricity5014
free electrical energy5013.93
cost of wind energy per kwh 20205013.9
best renewable energy provider5013.82
the source of electricity50013.5
electrical energy5000013.15
define electrician50013
renewable energy prices5013
alternative electricity sources5012.32
electric energy power50012.11
biomass electricity generation plant5011.93
primary electricity50011.92
edison electric light company50011.75
cheapest source of electricity5011.33
origin of electricity50011.12
solar system electricity generation5011
electrical books pdf50010.85
inventor of power5010.65
most efficient way to generate electricity5010.4
world electricity generation by source 20205010.3
different types of electricity generation5010.16
biomass electric power generation5010.13
definition of switchgear50010
renewable energy use by country50010
solar energy uses in daily life5010
historical electricity prices5010
cost of wind energy per kwh5009.96
insulators definition500009.91
geothermal power generation5009.9
electricity usage history by address509.83
alternative power sources for home509.76
wind to electrical energy509.61
most efficient energy source for producing electricity509.6
new power sources509.6
hybrid wind and solar electric systems509.59
alternative power sources for home electricity5009.45
production of electricity5009.37
electricity generation by source5009.37
solar energy electricity5009.34
renewable energy and electricity509.31
renewable energy cost per kwh509.25
wind turbine electricity production509.12
alternative electricity sources for home509.1
renewable electricity5009.06
hydroelectric dams50008.9
electricity production by source508.85
historical electricity prices by state5008.83
electricity sources by state508.77
free electricity generation5008.42
hydropower cost per kwh508.37
electricity generation by state5008.36
future of hydroelectric power508.24
electricity from coal5008.22
solar panels generate electricity5008.15
geothermal energy to electricity508.02
production of electricity from solar energy508
geothermal electricity generation home507.8
biomass electricity generation5007.64
biomass electricity5007.53
kwh meaning50007.51
types of electrical distribution system507.5
ocean wave electricity generation507.5
cheapest source of energy5007.48
electricity generation from solar energy507.48
backup electricity source507.33
solar energy to electrical energy507.23
importance of electricity5007.2
founded electricity5007.01
electrostatic inventions507.01
geothermal power plants50007
cost per kwh by source5007
electricity generation plant5007
variable renewable energy507
green power sources507
hydroelectric turbine cost507
electrical power source5006.96
residential geothermal electricity506.92
cost of electricity by source5006.91
solar energy usage5006.88
insulators means50006.85
hydroelectric power50006.79
solar electricity production506.61
off grid power generation5006.6
sources of electricity50006.56
types of electricity50006.5
electrical engineering definition5006.49
electricity invented500006.43
electrical engineering books pdf506.41
when was electricity invented500006.37
electrification definition5006.31
biomass energy uses5006
renewable power systems506
solar panel electricity production505.96
wind electric power generation505.95
convert solar energy into electrical energy505.86
solar pv power system505.84
converting solar energy to electricity505.74
pge historical rates505.64
power source generator5005.53
pg&e rate increase history5005.52
types of electricity generation5005.46
wind turbine electricity generation5005.38
electricity was discovered by5005.22
geothermal generation5005.22
types of power generation5005.12
hydroelectric power generation5005
geothermal electricity generation5005
solar electricity generation5005
turbine for electricity generation5005
diy hydroelectric power505
hydroelectric power companies505
windmills generate electricity5004.99
evolution of electricity5004.95
wind electricity generation5004.84
home hydroelectric power5004.83
types of electrical power5004.75
geothermal electricity production504.74
mini hydroelectric turbine504.72
geothermal electricity5004.63
sources of electrical energy5004.61
home electricity generation50004.6
tesla wireless electricity50004.54
electricity pdf5004.54
windmills that produce electricity5004.52
cost per kilowatt hour by source504.52
electricity for dummies pdf5004.51
generate electricity from heat5004.51
biofuel electricity generation504.46
hydroelectric stations504.37
nuclear energy electricity5004.36
geothermal energy usage5004.28
power produced by solar panels504.14
portable electricity source5004.13
hydroelectric power plant50004.08
sustainable electricity sources504.08
geothermal electricity home504.06
ercot historical prices504.04
electricity history50004.03
hydroelectric turbine for sale504.03
wave generated electricity5004
types of electricity sources504
electricity generation from biogas504
wind energy use5003.94
list five sources of electricity503.79
wind energy to electrical energy503.75
electrical power plant50003.7
basic electricity pdf5003.67
solar electric power generation5003.65
hydroelectric power system503.65
nuclear energy usage5003.61
use of hydropower5003.59
home hydroelectric power kits5003.58
electricity resources503.58
micro hydroelectric power plant503.51
hydroelectric plants50003.5
hydroelectric systems5003.5
small scale hydroelectric power503.5
small hydroelectric power plant503.5
mini hydroelectric power plant503.5
production of electricity from water503.5
epcor historical electricity rates503.47
brushless dc generator503.44
hydroelectric definition50003.4
geothermal energy generation503.4
electricity generation500003.36
direct current motor5003.33
solar power generates electricity from what source503.29
types of electric motor5003.25
electricity generated from water5003.23
electricity production50003.2
electronics inventions503.2
6 sources of electricity503.17
generating electricity from river flow503.14
small hydroelectric turbine503.11
types of motors50003.1
power surge meaning5003
off grid hydroelectric power503
micro hydroelectric power502.99
generating electricity from a stream502.95
electrical engineer meaning5002.94
hydrogen electricity production502.88
electricity definition500002.82
water turbines to generate electricity502.78
small scale hydroelectric power generation502.72
air electricity generation502.7
electricity first50002.67
hydroelectric generation50002.65
hydroelectric power plant for sale502.64
portable electric power source502.6
power generating plants5002.54
define electric5002.52
electricity generation costs5002.48
history of electricians502.48
water energy uses502.45
power grid meaning5002.38
clean electricity generation502.23
power plant generate electricity502.2
hydroelectric power produces electricity using5002.07
electric motor use5002
hydrogen energy uses502
hydroelectric water turbine501.97
define conductivity50001.92
hydroelectricity cost501.92
definition emf50001.9
types of electric meter5001.69
dangers of hydroelectric power501.63
world electricity generation by source 2019501.61
electric generator uses501.61
define electr50001.53
benjamin franklin invented electricity5001.17
four general electric501.05
define amperage50000.81
define electrified50000.42

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