How to do Seo for website Step by Step?

QuestionsCategory: Digital MarketingHow to do Seo for website Step by Step?
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Here ia the list of crucial steps to follow for good rankings in search engines
Step 1: Choose a great domain name according to your proposed niche and content you are going to write on. 
Step 2: Research the right keywords having high search volume but low seo difficulty 
Step 3: Craft your content to the best having articles more than 600 words with on page off page Seo done right. 
Step 4: Optimise your code to improve website speed and performance 
Step 5: Technical setup like mobile friendly, user friendly, site navigation and sitemap etc. Title tags, meta description tags, alt tags. 
Step 6: create high quality backlinks to gain high domain authority 
Step 7: Things to check post-launch.