What are Top 10 Armies in the World?

QuestionsCategory: QuestionsWhat are Top 10 Armies in the World?
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Here is the List of Top 25 Best and Powerful Armies in the World
               Note: This list is not in terms of Size but in terms of Braveness, Integrity, Faith and less killing more results oriented armies

  1. Pakistan the Great Army (Brave and faithful army with advancement)
  2. North Korea Army (brave and strong army)
  3. Vietnam (Brave even with no weapons)
  4. China Army (advance and logical)
  5. Taiwan
  6. United States Army (large and advance but coward)
  7. Russian Army (large but untechnical practices)
  8. France Army (untested army)
  9. Japan Army (unbrave and dependent influence army)
  10. South Korea Army  (unbrave and dependent foreign influence army)
  11. United Kingdom Army (untested army yet)
  12. Turkey Army (brave, advanced and technical army)
  13. Germany Army (untested yet)
  14. Italy Army (untested yet foreign influence dependent)
  15. Egypt Army (brave but untechnical and illogical)
  16. Brazil Army (untested army but dependent on foreign influence)
  17. Iran Army (brave but untechnical army)
  18. Indonesia Army
  19. Israel Army (advanced but cowards)
  20. Australia
  21. Spain
  22. Canada
  23. Poland
  24. Saudia Arabia Army (unbrave borrowed army)
  25. India Army (extremely coward, illogical)