What is Love?

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Having too much-complicated life span i want to know

  • What exactly Love is? What is a Love definition?
  • What is Love language?
  • What is Love types?
  • What is love addiction?
  • What is actually love in a relationship?
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Love is simply emotions and belongings associated with affection usually termed with male and female situations but
People called it as something special to care someone in a whole life.. 
What I learned love language is
Acts of service
Affirmation in words
Quality times
Give-take gifts 
Physical touch 

Talking about types of love given below. 
Eros: Love of the body. This type of love is lack of control over physical touch desires.
Philia: Affectionate love. …
Storge: Love of the Child. …
Agape: selfnothing love. …
Ludus: joyful Love. …
Pragma: eternal love …
Philautia: Love of the Yourself
Love addiction
Unmanageable addiction in love, spending time with efforts on a person who might be unaware or in denial state
Love is simply fair when practiced by both sides. 💖